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June 2022 Round Up

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Funny moments in cinema without Context

Selfish(2019) - 3D Animated Film

"Selfish" talks a story about human beings are consuming delicious seafood, but sea animals are suffering from the trash we make -- not only do we eat them but also make their living environment poisonous and miserable.

  • More than 5 trillion plastic pieces weighing over 250,000 tons afloat at sea.
  • Cigarette butts are the single greatest source of ocean pollution.

Really loved this animated short.

50 years off-grid: architect-maker paradise amid NorCal redwoods

This is a fascinating video about Charles Bello, who moved off-grid with his wife in 1968.

  • Charles managed a Non-industrial timber management plan, restoring old-growth forest that was previously destroyed from logging
  • With his wife home schooled their kids
  • They made money selling Christmas trees

Tiny Wins

One of my favorite blog posts, that I frequently come back too.

I hope every product manager, marketer, developer, and designer at some point in their live reads Tiny Wins