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    After a few years on I'm moving back to

Why I switched from dot-com to dot-io

I wanted to break away from gmail, and found a great project call Mail-in-a-box. This project contains a full-stack mail hosting solution. A downside of this however is the need to self-host DNS. Self-hosting DNS on a slow cheap VPS resulted in really bad performance for my site. Slow DNS is fine for email, but pretty terrible for websites. For the sake of simplicity & performance I opted to host my website on a separate domain not controlled by my self-hosted DNS server.

This resulted in for my site, and tom-at-tomleo-dot-com for my email. I then set-up HTTP 301 redirects on my self-hosted DNS to As a result, everything that did link to old pages were still accessible, and the site could now be served from a CDN.

Why the switch back to dot-com

  • Proton has a service where you can use a custom domain
  • The cost-per-month is basically the same as self-hosting
  • Proton has additional offerings like a VPN
  • Proton seems to be an ethical company that values peoples privacy from what I can tell
  • Managing my own email server was kind of cool in the beginning, but something I'm generally not interested in dedicating time on long-term
  • Switching to Proton, allows me to switch back to my dot-com domain for my website!

Other Updates

  • re-wrote the code behind my website
  • switched to Nuxt 3 / TypeScript
  • refactored by bespoke stylesheet into a property CSS framework
  • new design now has a dark theme (still a work in progress)

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